aboutusI have been an Avid Cyclist for more than 11 ½ years, in Fort Worth TX for the first 7 ½ years, and in Georgia for 4 years. I was a Cat 4 road racer, and an Expert mountain bike racer for several years.

I have been a licensed Aircraft Mechanic for the past 20 years, most of that experience in jet engine overhaul for a major airline. My love of cycling and my understanding of aerospace technology have led me to use my skills in the high tech world of cycling mechanics.

I am certified by the United Bicycle Institute in Professional Bike Mechanics, Advanced Wheel Building, Suspension Systems Overhaul, and Frame Preparation. I am also certified in Advanced Wheel Building by D.T. Swiss.

My whole family and I enjoy camping and cycling. We have enjoyed touring, training, and mountain bike riding in California, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Texas and here in Georgia.

Lyle Strickland
CEO and Founder of Spin Lite