Type of Bicycle pumps

When people buy bicycles, the first accessory that they usually buy is a pump. Of course, because a bicycle has a tendency to have soft tires after a few rounds on the street or on some wood trail. But what kind of bicycle pump is best for you?

Once you have made up your mind of what kind of pump to get, you should also consider other factors before making a purchase.

We are helping you choose out of the three kinds of pumps that you can choose from.

  1. A mini pump – if you bike in the woods a lot, you may want to consider getting a mini pump. Not only is it lightweight, you can pack it in just about any bag because of how small it is. In fact, most bikers will bring this type of pump around for just that reason alone. Aside from being small enough to be packed, this can also be mounted onto a bike. However, the small shape will require an extra accessory so that it will be properly mounted onto a bike frame.
  2. A frame pump –A frame pump might even suffice if your trail doesn’t have too many obstacles to cross. This is probably one of the most standard types of pumps that you get when you buy a bike. These are the pumps that attach easily onto the frame of the bike just in front of the saddle. These pumps can also be attached to the saddle itself. These are great to use because each pump gives out a lot of air. These pumps are a tad heavier and their shape can also be at a disadvantage since they can get in the way of a good bike ride. This is especially true when you try to transfer a bike from one part of a stream to another, for example. In a situation like that, you need the frame to be free of any obstruction.
  3. Floor pump  –If you are the type who bikes from home to the school or office, then you may need a floor pump that can just sit in the garage until you need it. These kinds of pumps are best left at home and are actually only best when used at home. It can be used to fill air into your tires fairly quickly and you won’t tire out easily either. This is because you use your feet to pump it and not your hands like the previously mentioned pumps. This creates better opportunities to pass more air through the pump and into the tire in a short amount of time.

Now, Ask yourself if these are the kinds of pumps that you need. For example.   Also consider how easy it is to clean the pump that you buy and if it comes with a built in gauge so you can measure how much air there is in your tires.