Why our Wheels are better than most of the wheels sold on the market today:

Bike_PartsWe understand the forces on a Bicycle Wheel when it is being ridden on and raced on. We apply this understanding to the knowledge of the materials that are used in building the wheel (Spokes, Nipples, and Rims). The Spokes are laced in a Symmetrical pattern, which will cause all the forces on the spokes on one side of the rim to counter the forces on the other side. This keeps the spoke tensions more constant. Many wheels out there are laced Asymmetrically, which causes the rim to have forces pulling laterally in the same direction. This causes slight rim deflection as well as certain spokes to get slightly loose. With the high quality of the spokes that we use they will not break unless they are work hardened which is only caused when spokes are stressed and unstressed repeatedly. This is why most spokes break. It is because the spokes are loosening and tightening over and over as the wheel rotates with the weight of the rider and the torque on the pedals as well as the other forces as you climb or sprint out of the saddle. The only way to minimize (there is no way to completely eliminate them) these forces is by keeping the spoke tension even and constant.

This is done by using the correct method of wheel lacing, using spokes that have some elasticity, using high tension, and using a Tensiometer to ensure the spoke tension is high enough and is very close to even. Proper preparation of the Spoke threads and Rim before building contributes to this process. Most wheel builders are not going to take the extra time and preparation it takes to do all of these things. We have decided to build wheels that are going to be strong and durable rather than sell them a little cheaper by putting a lot less time into the building process to build them to the absolute highest standard possible. Our warranty is our proof that we believe our wheels are among the best on the market.