Biking Can Make Your Kids Hale and Hearty

Studies show that kids today spend more hours with electronic gadgets than they would with traditional physical activities. It is, in fact, been observed that children extensively exposed with electronic media are often related to behavioral problems, poor sleep quality, poor physicality, and poor academic performance according to US News Health.

How, then, as a parent could you help your child stow away himself from the said pitfalls? True, separating your kid with their friend gadget could mean war, and as a war, that sure is not easy. Introducing recreational activities, however, could be a piece of cake if it is done right.

Some leisure can be boring to some kids, but not with biking. Biking is a fun activity that can excite children. It is challenging and unconsciously enjoyable. It provides several physical, mental, and emotional benefits for your kid. We have dicussed before the health benefits of cycling, but this article will help you understand how the benefits could imply on your child. 

Benefits of Biking for Children

Biking can make children happyBiking is not just a fun activity, it is also a form of exercise that can improve body and mind. To get more in-depth with that, let’s discuss more of the healthy benefits of cycling for kids.

Cycling can make kids happy.

When the body does exercise, the brain secretes a chemical that can make a person happy. And being said that cycling is exercise, it sure can make a kid smile and feel blissful. This benefit will lead us to another silver lining;

It can relieve your child’s stress

Kids, they may look innocent and young, also feel stress and pressure. Young children who attend school may face emotional stress especially when they are expected to gain academic achievements. Also, school peers, bullies, and teachers can also contribute to a child’s stress levels. Thus, when they are biking and feel happy, their stress decreases.

Biking can improve your child’s cardiovascular system

Cycling can improve the blood circulation and heart pump. Good blood flow can enhance the production of energy in the body. Additionally, it can also decrease the risk of getting chronic diseases. Cycling, as an aerobic exercise, can stimulate the creation of good cholesterol in the blood.

Kids that bike have better joint mobility

When pedaling the bike, the knees are used intensively which, as a result, improve joint mobility. Not just that, it also reinforces posture and physical flexibility.

Children get closer to nature

Cycling will allow children to appreciate nature more than they thought they already had. Unlike cars that provide synthetic air, biking gives natural and healthy air for your kid, hence, improves breathing.

When your child is engaged with cycling, tell him how he’s contributing to the environment. Doing so will let the kid realize the environmental importance of biking and conserving energy.Biking can be a good family activity

It strengthens family bond

Bike with your child. It can reinforce the bond of the family. It keeps everyone close, connected, and happy. Also, kids follow what parents do.


Biking sure does provide several benefits for the mind and body, especially for children. It can enhance children’s physicality, mentality, and emotionality. Teaching kids how to love biking could be difficult, but how about a bike as a gift for your child? Do you see biking as an important activity for kids? Let us know what you think by commenting below.