testimonialHere at Spin Lite Cycling our goal is to build and sell the best quality wheels on the market, and to provide the best customer service that we can. We work hard to respond as quickly as possible. We are constantly getting feed back from our customers and wanted you to here what they have to say about the wheels that we have built for them, and the Customer service they received.

Featured Riders

Josh Kerkhof

2001 and 2002 ROAD and TRACK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Team Member


“I have been riding Spin Lite wheels for the last 3 years; I am on my third set of wheels. The two other pairs of wheels I have raced all across the world on and have never had to get them fixed! Still Never Trued. The pair I am on now are INCREDIBLE, They are so stiff, Light, and Aero, plus I just think they look awesome…”

Jame Carney


2005 World Championship Team

Jamie trains and races Cyclocross on Spin Lite Wheels

Customer Testimonials


I took a ride on the new wheels today – about 20 miles. They are great! They are lighter, more aero and stiffer than my old open pro / dura ace wheels. I went almost 10% faster on 40+ mph downhills; the cranks seemed easier to turn when climbing; it felt like all my energy was directed forward when pushing hard out of the saddle – no power loss to flex of the rear wheel; and cornering felt like I was riding on rails. Looking forward to some longer rides this weekend. Thanks, for a great set of wheels.

Also – the extra spokes and magnet arrived in good shape yesterday.


Lyle the new wheels are great.
They feel like they are one or two gears faster than my old ones.
I see that Co Motion has a touring bike with 140 MM rear spacing so that they can use a symmetrical rear wheel. I think they originally used this design so they could mount a drum brake for tandems. They say a symmetrical wheel is stronger.Do you think this would be a good feature to get on a touring bike or would the difference be so slight that I should not worry about it?



Hi Lyle,

I finally was able to get out on a couple rides on the new wheels and WOW! I first did a short local spin by my house that has a 2.5-mile decent on a 4WD road down to the river. I’ve made this decent in 6 minutes on the hardtail, but it was with white knuckles and on the edge of death every corner. The ride the other day was so cool… Point and let it roll… the lower pressure and larger 2.1 tires kept the bike on line and wanting to eat up every turn. I didn’t time it, but I’m sure it was fast and most importantly under control.

Ride #2, My buddy and I went up to Grouse Ridge and connected a series of trails that made a 6-hour really tough rocky epic day. My impression of the ride was I was able to clean areas in the rock gardens that normally would have been dabs or walks. Again, the lower pressure gave great traction and control. I don’t know how the rolling resistance will affect climbing, as I haven’t been on any long climbs yet. The weight difference between my old set and the new was only 6 grams. Surprising! I took both sets to postal companies and weighed them. I guess that’s testimony to the quality of my old wheel set. The biggest advantage though is being able to run a 2.1″ at lower pressures.

Anyway, thanks again and I’ll continue to put them to the test. Oh, by the way, I did adjust the bearing preload. It was out about 3-4 mm and a simple trailside service.

Go Lance!


Put about 200 miles on the wheels already. Wheels are great. Not sure if these wheels are suppler because of the pair spoke configuration but they seem to make the ride a bit smoother than the other wheels. Maybe it’s just my imagination. I can’t imagine that there is a significant difference in the rigidity of the two wheel sets but, I like these a lot more so far than the other set. I’m afraid the others are going to see some shelf time. Anyway, these should be okay for everyday training? Or should I give them a break and go with the other set? Anyway, thanks for the great service and a quality product.


Sean M. Gore


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I got the wheels yesterday, and they’re perfect. Pleasure doing business with you, and I’ll probably be ordering some mountain wheels from you later this summer.


Hey Lyle,

I just got my wheels yesterday. They look great, I can’t wait to try them out. I just want to say thanks and I hope to do more business with you in the future.


Lyle and everyone at Spin Lite,

I got the wheels today… it was great doing business
with you and will be sure to shop with you in the
future. Definitely an +A deal.

Thank you,
Gary Clark

I received my new wheels Wednesday afternoon just in time for my Thursday commute. They are great, light and appear to be very well built (I’ve never built my own so I guess I really couldn’t tell) Anyway thanks so much they look wonderful and are a inexpensive, light step up from my Shimano 540’s.
Again thanks I can’t wait to upgrade my MTN Bike wheels.

Hm2 Chad Savage

The wheels have been great. Thank you for your service. I have referred a friend of mine from Charlotte to you for the Velocity Spartacus wheel set.
My brother in-law lives in Atlanta and has started doing triathlons. Do you know of any good web sites that have information on triathlons local to the Atlanta area?

Thank you,

To Lyle Strickland:

A close friend, Paul Dobrott, ordered wheels from you and recommended your site to me. He is highly complimentary of the wheels he purchased and noticed a marked improvement in his ride and responsiveness. I would like to order custom wheels like what he ordered, the only difference being that I weigh about 185 (in cycling clothing) and therefore am about 30 lb heavier than he is. I mention the weight because it could affect the “hole” count.